Onlineooze gives a great priority on the privacy policy, which is made for the customers, purchasers, website viewers and for all the people. We are a dedicated team; whose intention is to give protection of personal information of the customers. To know more about our privacy policies, please go through the discussion. If you still face any kind of issues, you may contact us directly at

Accumulating all personal data of the customers from service visitors, Onlineooze needs to accumulate personal information with the users due to developing the home server domain names. We only use your data, for offering and enhancing the services. After utilizing our countries, after using the service, the user will approve the accumulation and this information with respect to this policy.

All the personal data of the users will be accumulated after a legal confirmation for some particular purposes and for these purposes the access to the personal data will be given.

The services of Onlineooze will be provided with the help of their official website:

The personal information of the users will be accumulated for identifying individual people.

Onlineooze will keep your data safe, in case of any disclosure of personal data, the legal action is required to take.

For any kind of legal issues, contact us to our mail ID:

The process of connecting the automatic data and it is produced by the uses of the services of Onlineooze.

A small file will be stored on user's device for cookies.

With data controller, it will be possible to page the personal information by following legal ways.

Some personal data of the users will be collected, such as:

• Email Address

• First Name And Last Name Of The Users

• Contact Number

• Cookies And Uses Data